Re: IEAK ISS with RadiusNT?

Josh Perry ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 May 1997 12:52:29 -0700

We are using a setup that integrates an online sign up form setup with MS
IEAK and the Radius/Emerald Database of users... It both as a new signup
for new users signing up to configure their browser and enter their
information in the database, and also as a browser configurer for current
users that reinstall or upgrade their software... I have made it modular to
work on other sites but unfortunately it is written as a WinCGI program and
will only work with a web server that supports WinCGI (Not IIS!!)

Josh Perry
System Admin

> From: James T. Robson <>
> To: RadiusNT Users <>
> Subject: IEAK ISS with RadiusNT?
> Date: Tuesday, May 20, 1997 5:26 AM
> Hi all,
> Are any of you using IEAK with Internet Signup Server connected to your
> RadiusNT database? Especially Dale's sample Radius7.mdb? How is this
> accomplished? I haven't a clue.
> TIA, Cheers, Robie
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