Configuring Expiration parameter

Nicolas SPORN ( )
Fri, 16 May 97 13:48:18 GMT

I didn't had any information on my latest message about expiration...
I resubmit it, hope you have any idea this time...
I really want to use this parameter :)
Thaks for help,

Hi all,
My accounts do not expire !
The exipration parameter in not commented
I'm using Portmaster 2, RadiusNT .60 text mode

I have (user= toto passwd = toto)

toto Password = "toto", Expiration= "Jan 31, 1997" from Owner's malual
toto Password = "toto", Expiration= "Jan 31 1997" from Dale

Always Ack !
Does anyone has any information ?
Any thing to check in Radius Administrator ?

Thanks for help

> You have to un-comment the password entries in the bottom of the dictionary
> file for expirationto work.
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