Re: Radius Not Authenticating on system reboot. Almost OK now.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 14 May 1997 11:28:32 -0700

Mike Davis wrote:
> Maybe I missed the thread and it may have already been answered
> but.....
> Using regedt32 go under localmachine/system/services/radiusnt and add
> a value of "DependOnService Reg_MultiSZ msssqlserver. That will cause
> radius to wait until sql starts before firing up.

Specifically, this does two things:

1) The order at which applications are started. However, this
does NOT mean that SQL Server must be up and operational before
RadiusNT, just that it will be started (and SQL Server's Service
Dispatcher will return an OK to the Service Manager) before
RadiusNT is started. SQL Server might take another 5 mins to
FINISH starting.

2) That if SQL Server is stopped, RadiusNT will be stopped also.
The reverse is NOT true, however.

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