Cheep SQL server Price

Greg Lowthian ( )
Wed, 14 May 1997 12:32:37 -0700

For those looking in need of SQL server here is Microsoft's latest offer.

ISP Action Pack

Qualified ISPs in the United States and Canada can Get Started with=
Microsoft =AE Technology for only $395*

Get the ISP Action Pack and get started With Microsoft=AE Internet=
technology today. The ISP Action Pack contains all of the products,=
information and support you need to get started with Microsoft Internet=
technology right now.

=B7 Microsoft Windows NT=AE Server 4.0
=B7 Internet Information Server=99 3.0 with 10 Windows NT Server Client=
Access Licenses=20
=B7 SQL Server 6.5
=B7 Microsoft Commercial Internet System 1.0, Evaluation version=20
=B7 Softway Systems OpenNT 1.0 Evaluation version=20
=B7 Microsoft Merchant Server 1.0, Evaluation version=20

=B7 2 Incident Installation Support=20
=B7 Technical Training
=B7 1 year subscription to TechNet=20
=B7 $500 Discount on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Enterprise=20
=B7 $300 Discount on a 3-day Microsoft Commercial Internet System Training=
=B7 $150 discount on training from any Microsoft Authorized Technical=
Education Center=20
=B7 $ 99 One-Day Training from a Microsoft Authorized Technical Education=
Center near you on each of the=20
following Topics:=20

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 : This 1-day, hands-on technical training=
course teaches students to install=20
Windows NT Server, assess and plan network needs for a given situation,=
configure server components, create=20
accounts, manage system resources, migrate from NetWare, use Internet=
Information Server, and troubleshoot
common problems.=20
Microsoft Web Site essentials : This 1-day, hands-on course teaches students=
the relationship between Windows=20
NT Server 4.0 and Internet Information Server; explains the features and=
functions of Open Database=20
Connectivity (ODBC) Connector, Active Server Pages, NetShow=99 server, and=
Microsoft Index Server version 1.1.=20
In addition you'll learn how to install the Microsoft FrontPage=99 Server=
Extensions, and how to use the Microsoft=20
FrontPage Web authoring and management tool to create and administer a Web=
Microsoft Proxy Server : This 1-day, hands-on course teaches students how=
install, monitor, and administer Proxy=20
Server as well as plan a site using Proxy Server.=20

Sales Materials
=B7 FrontPage 97 Web Presence Provider Kit=20
=B7 Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit data sheet=20

Call (800) 454-3455 to order your Action Pack today!

* Plus shipping & handling=20
* Available while supplies last.