Xylogics Annex 6100

Ted Olson ( tolson@ocsnet.net )
Sat, 10 May 1997 11:05:01 -0700

I'm curious whether anyone out there is successfully authenticating to
RadiusNT from Xylogics Annex 6100 NASes??? We have a 3-mix system (sigh),
one Livingston pm2e, two 6100s, and a Max 4000.

The Portmaster and Max authenticate just fine, but the 6100s have been a
struggle. We're now running Bay's Remote Annex Server Tools" software for NT
(v2.4), which supposedly supports Radius -- but it's not switched on at this
time. The last time we tried doing so, logins immediately began to fail.

I've had to put this issue on a back burner for a while, just now getting
back to it, so don't really have any specific errors to describe at this
stage -- I would just find it encouraging to know that others have actually
got this working. Helps to know in advance that there's light at the end of
the tunnel, that you actually can "get there from here!" And if so, any
config crib notes would be much appreciated.

-Ted Olson