Re: Fw: Dr Watson errors

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 08 May 1997 11:26:18 -0700

Doris G Dean wrote:
> Thanks Dale that has appeared to clear up the problems ... I knew it would
> be something I was missing.
> I have 2 other questions now ...
> 1. Will you explain how the ** reload ** works please. I think if I
> understand what I have read so far that it is something I can really use.

if you create a user called "*reload*" in your users file (you can't do
it in ODBC and its only relevant to the users file) then a successfull
authentication of that user will cause RadiusNT to reload the users
Radlogin is typically used to make the auth request.

> 2. The other question is in regards to the concurrency that I see posted
> ...... so far we don't have any user that have figured out that they can
> have multiple connections but I know someone will soon and I would like to
> nip that one in the bud before it becomes a problem. So the question is how
> do I go about setting up concurrency?

If you are using MS Access, there is a bug in 1.16.60 for the manual
update that can cause a Dr. Watson. The new RadiusNT corrects this
along with many others.

The basics are to populate the Servers/ServerPorts tables, then enabled
manual calls update. Once CallsOnline is working just enable
control and your set.

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