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I can't help with your question but I have received all three of your messages with attachments

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On 05/07/97, at 01:26 PM, Josh Hillman wrote:

>This is the third time I've sent this today, but because of a large text
>attachment, I don't think it's posting (I'm not getting any confirmation of
>it...) This time, I zipped the .txt attachment so it's smaller in case
>there's a mail-size limit to posts to this group--the text file was
>originally 8k and after it was zipped, it's now roughtly 1k.
>If this message has appeared a few times today already, sorry for the
>> This isn't true. I simply wanted MORE information, like what radlogin
>> showed for your setup, etc. I never SAID it was anyone's fault.
>> I posted my findings with a Max 4000 running 5.0Ap1, as well.
>> What DOES radlogin show for you setup for the user?
> Sorry for misinterpreting/misquoting you. It wasn't my intention to place
>blame on anyone nor make it seem as if you were brushing the problem off on
>Ascend or whatever.
>I haven't been able to use radlogin since early October of last year (I'm
>not losing any sleep over it..., so I created a user, "testmaxtime" in
>Emerald and used my notebook computer to dialup through our Max 4004
>Here are the Radius attributes assigned to this user (via Emerald 2.1.11):
> User-Service: Framed-User
> Framed-Protocol: PPP
> Ascend-Maximum-Time: 32767 (successful session)
> 32768 (unsuccessful session)
>Attached to this message is the output from Radius .60 running from the cmd
>prompt as
> radius -x15 -o -A -R97
>The file contains a successful session and afterwards, an unsuccessful
>connection (after changing the value for Ascend-Maximum-Time).
>32768 is infact converting itself into -32768...
>Josh Hillman
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