Dr Watson errors

Doris G Dean ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 May 1997 09:31:57 -0700

Hi folks ....
Here is our problem, and I could really use some help !!!!

We upgrade top NT 4.0 and at the same time upgraded to radius 6. We were
using radius before and were authenticating from the user table, logging
the accounting transaction to both the detail file and SQL 6.5 server using
the emerald tables that came with radius. Now ... we can authenticate ok
form the user table and can log the accounting transactions to the detail
file, but as soon as I try to log to the odbc SQL database, I get errors.
The major one is a Dr Watson error that terminates radius. It is an 'access
violation; error and it usually happens after logging 1 accounting
transaction to the database. This happens when I let radius run as a
service and when i invoke it from the command prompt. Here is how Radadmin
is set up and the command I use at the command prompt. As well here is
what radius replies after the -x15.

radadmin settings:
Configuration Tab:
- Encrypt passwords is checked
- Port is set to 1645

- Port is set to 1646

- ODBC and Text Files are checked

- General and ODBC are checked

- Manual Calls Update and Time Banking are checked

Directories and Files Tab
- Data Directory : c:\radius\
- Accounting Directory: c:\radius\acct
- Users File: users

Security Tab
Username: Radius
Password: (set to password on SQL 6.5)

When I invoke radius at the prompt I enter (at C:\radius\) radius -x15 and
the following is displayed:

0) EncryptPasswords: 1
1) IgnoreCase: 0
2) AuthPort: 1645
3) ReqAcctAuth: 0
4) AcctPort: 1646
5) Mode: 2
6) Options: 6
7) Debug: 5
8) ODBCDatasource: Radius
9) DataDirectory: c:\radius\
10) AcctDirectory: c:\radius\acct
11) UsersFile: users
12) Username: Radius
13) Password: qwerty

Param: Debug Level: 15
Initializing Winsock...
ODBC Datasource: 'Radius'...
Allocating ODBC Henv...
Allocating ODBC Connect...
Making ODBC Connection...
Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select Name, RadAttributeID, Type From RadAttributes

SQL Statement: Select ra.Name, rv.Name, rv.Value From RadValues rv,
RadAttributes ra Where rv.RadAttributeID = ra.RadAttributeId

Allocating Statement...

SQL Statement: Select Server, IPAddress, Secret From Servers

Client:primary : :depict

Allocating Statement...
Accounting Column 0: 'NASIdentifier'
Accounting Column 1: 'NASPort'
Accounting Column 2: 'AcctSessionId'
Accounting Column 3: 'AcctStatusType'
Accounting Column 4: 'CallDate'
Accounting Column 5: 'UserName'
Accounting Column 6: 'AcctAuthentic'
Accounting Column 7: 'UserService'
Accounting Column 8: 'LoginService'
Accounting Column 9: 'LoginHost'
Accounting Column 10: 'AcctDelayTime'
Accounting Column 11: 'AcctSessionTime'
Accounting Column 12: 'FramedProtocol'
Accounting Column 13: 'FramedAddress'
Accounting Column 14: 'AcctInputOctets'
Accounting Column 15: 'AcctOutputOctets'
Accounting Column 16: 'AcctTerminateCause'
Accounting Column 17: 'NASPortType'
Accounting Column 18: 'ClientPortDNIS'

Loading users...

and it loads the rest of the users ... I won't include that .... then it
runs for about 1 min depending if it is trying to send accounting info to
the database and then sometimes I get an ODBC error
SQLDirect Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL SERVER Driver][SQL Server] Violation
of primary key constraint 'pk_Calls': Attempt to insert duplicate key in
object 'Calls' and then with a split second th Dr watson error message
appears and the radius daemon terminates.

This is the problem and I have try everything I can think of, I have read
all the messages posted so far. I am obviously missing something but I am
at a loss. The old version at least logged where is was supposed to ..

Help please !!!!!!

Doris Dean