Re: Fw: Async port parameters

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 05 May 1997 01:24:33 -0700

James T. Robson wrote:
> Thank you Dale,
> RadiusNT is now working from ODBC using Access 97! It was as you said a
> path problem to the data file. That is to say the logins seem to work
> using RadLogin. (except for one password which had a "&" contained in it.
> It didn't seem to recognize the "&"). I substituted an alpha/numeric and
> it worked great. I had to import the sample database into Access97 before
> I could use the forms. Opening the sample forms in Access95 caused Access
> to crash. Once I imported it and created a data source it ran GREAT!
> Users still can't logon however because the PM-3 won't accept the login
> attempt. It never even gets to the authentication part. I'm sure it's
> still an Async configuration issue with the S0-S22 ports. I'll take that
> to the PM list.

telnet to the PM3 and then type:

set authentic x.x.x.x
set account x.x.x.x
set secret yyyyy
save all

x.x.x.x should be the IP address of the RadiusNT machine, and yyyyy
should be the
secret defined for the PM in its entry in the Servers table. Once you
have done
that, run RadiusNT in "radius -x15" mode and see what the output
RadiusNT prints
for the authentication is. Cut/paste that to me or the list and we'll
go from

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