Re: Access db reporting

Brad Albrecht ( )
Fri, 02 May 1997 15:55:00 -0700

OK, this may sound stupid (it really is), but..

First, can you open another form? Try opening other forms in the sample
dB, and if they work, then try the following. If you cannot open other
forms, this is not the answer.

go to the forms tab, and select the Mast Form. Right click on it and
select copy
past the form back into the form section of the same dB with another name.
delete the old Master form.
rename the new form as the master. (no, no I am serious)

see if it will open.

Sounds stupid? Yep. I would not believe it myself if I had not had to do
it several times already because of several random objects on different
forms. For some reason, it seems that Access can corrupt some controls so
that they crash Access with some type of fault. I just happened to copy
the form so I could re-write it once, when I noticed that it loaded. I
have never found a good reason for this (or how it got released like this).
Like I said before, this MAY only work if you can open some forms, but not

Good luck!


At 06:20 PM 5/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Access 7. It let me in until I open the Master Form
>then Crashes. It is doing the same thing with demo
>database. I figured that someone else may have run
>into the same problem when they were setting up
>I have tried re-installing both Access and Radius but
>it did not do any good.
>John David M. Miller
>SAMnet Internet Solutions / Software and More Inc.
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>From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
>Date: Friday, May 02, 1997 6:04 PM
>Subject: Re: Access db reporting
>>John Miller wrote:
>>> I am trying to get Radius working using Access 7.
>>> Whenever I open the sample database file I get
>>> a Dr. Watson error as soon as I try to open the
>>> Master Form. (initial install)
>>> Anyone had this problem? It comes up fine on my
>>> Win 95 unit but not on my NT 4.0 Server.
>>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>>You mean Access itself is bombing or RadiusNT?
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