Re: Ascend-Maximum-Time limitation with Radius

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 1 May 1997 21:51:42 -0400

> I was told by ascend that in the User profile Ascend-Maximum-Time did not
> work correctly even with their own Radius.

Here's what the tech at Ascend wrote to me the last time...

> >> We have tested our Unix Radius with the Ascend-Maximum-Time set to
> >> values higher than 32767 and everything was working fine. We cannot
> >> duplicate your problem with OUR Radius.
> >>
> >> Since the NT Radius is not written by Ascend, even though we might
> >out
> >> that it does not work with this setup, we have no way to fix the
> >> because we cannot modify Emerald's codes. You would need to contact
> >Emerald
> >> on this issue.
> >>
> >> If you are running the Ascend Unix Radius and have any other problem,
> >> please let us know.

Josh Hillman