Accounting is OK, but not Authentication

Chan Kah Sing ( )
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 17:01:13 +0800

I have tried to get and read as much documentation I can get but I still
encountered a problem of Radius not authenticating, but accounting is
OK. I have tried for many days to get by many other problems, but have
reached a stage that I don't know what to do. I just cannot get it to
authenticate from the Access database. Can anyone help? Thanks.

My current set-up is as follows:

1 Radius Server
Windows NT 4.0

2 MS Access 7.0 database
Servers Table
Server IPAddress Secret
MAX4000 nlb2704
NS16 nlb2704
MasterAccounts Table
All maExpireDate=01-Jan-99
All Extension=0
All Active=-1
SubAccounts Table
All AccountType=PPP
All saExpireDate=01-Jan-99
All Extension=0
All Active=-1
All TimeLeft=-9999
All LoginLimit=5
All other tables are left as default.

3 ODBC 2.5
System DSN = radius (Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb))
Advanced Options
Login name=(none)

4 RadiusNT 1.16.60
radius -x15 -o -n radius
(Note: It's not running as a service although I tried and it won't
support accounting)

a US Robotics NetServer/16
set authentic
set accounting
set secret nlb2704
b Ascend Max 4000 (software version 4.6Bp26)
Auth Host #1=
Auth Port=1645
Auth Timeout=20
Auth Key=nlb2704
Auth Pool=Yes
Auth TS Secure=Yes
Auth Req=Yes
APP Server=No
App Host=N/A
App Port=N/A
Acct Host #1=
Acct Port=1646
Acct Timeout=5
Acct Key=nlb2704
Sess Time=0