Obj: RE: NT Server Tools w/Intelliserver PowerRack

Nicolas SPORN ( nsporn@i2m.fr )
Tue, 29 Apr 97 17:41:22 GMT

I'm just catching you mail...Some answer( might have been done before!!!)

Is TCP/IP the only protocole enabled on the PM an the other system ?
NetBeui is sometime a "gateway" for other protocols...

On a PM just do "sh global" and system will tell you at the bottom which
protocols are disabled ; If you do'nt see IPX that will men that it is enabled.
If it is not installed on the other system, this might be a reason...

Hope you understand what I'm tring to say...

I thing the problem comes with network protocols, some might have been filtered
on one or the other system

Just in case, both servers are authenticaed on the same server and it is the
same NT user database you use (it can also be a user right on nt)

Hope that help
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