Question about emerald billing and services

Liankui Sun ( )
Mon, 28 Apr 1997 18:10:15 -0700

Hi, everyone;

I got couple questions when I try to use Emerald in our use.

1. Where should I put the setup fee for the customer? I also would
like the bill will show up the setup fee.

2. I would like to use Emerald to manage our dedicated customer also,
But when I add a service type dedicated, it show up in service Types
but it will not show up when I try to add an account.

3. Can Customized the bill layout, so it look like phone company's phone
bill, so when the customer got the bill, they can simply detach the bill
and send the check to us.

Thanks for all your help!

Can anyone tell me how to deal with this.

Thanks -:)

L. Sun

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