Re: [Fwd: Reloading the userdata base]

Marc Evans ( )
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 16:48:59 -0400

We have created a PERL environment that works on both u*ix and NT. There is a
perl object module that has routines for interacting with the Radius files,
and is designed to facilitate the overloading of the functions to deal with
databases, though we haven't gone that far with it yet. There are a couple of
critical missing pieces currently, which is credit card number validation and
transaction approval.

We may be able to be convinced to license the code if it is interesting...

Here are a couple of URL's that are using it currently:

Both of these are NT 4.0 systems.

>What interface are you using to add the information to the users file..?
>I am interested in doing this myself.
>On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:53:09 -0400
>Howard Roemer <> wrote:
>> What is the command for starting and stopping the radius service from
>> the command line. I have users sign up automatically on a web page it
>> adds there accounts to the users file. I would like these accounts to
>> become active immediately.

- Marc
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