user *reload* crashes my radius !

Nicolas SPORN ( )
Fri, 25 Apr 97 19:43:18 GMT

I checked my past few mails because I saw Dr Watson but didn't found what I was
looking for !!

Config : NT Server 3.51/SP5/64 Mo
using text mode (no odbc for the time!)
PortMaster PM2e

I installed it on my computer and it runs as a service and standalone ; fine.

But, if a new customer arrives, I had to stop and restart service !

So I created a user *reload*, passwd toto
and I did a batch : reload.bat just with
radlogin *reload* toto

It crashes NT Dr watson error : Access Violation in 0xc000005 Ad 0x0040be1c
Same in service nor command line !

Sometimes it reloads fine someties no !

Ervery time the users are listed in the background screen and it seems to fail
during authentication (after reload)

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