Radius NT and Ascend MAX

Arvids ( arvids@parks.lv )
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:53:55 -0700


I have Max E1/PRI with ebim.m40 5.0Ap5.
This is our first Max (currently we use cisco 2511),
so I have a question:
I have problems with RadisusNT v.6.0 and Max. Authentication works fine,
but in accounting Radius generates many Start and Stop records
for one session.From Max debug it looks so:
RADIF: _radiusAcctRequest: id 247, user name <5:arv2>
RADIF: _radiusAcctRequest: socket 6 len 151 IP 9f94dc89 port
RADIF: _radCallback
RADIF: _radCallback, buf = B05468C0
RADIF: _radProcAcctRsp: user:<5:arv2>, ID=247
RADIF: _radProcAcctRsp, bad authenticator for buffer B05468C0
And this continues all the time.
With cisco all works OK.
Where could be the problem?

Thanks, Arvids.