RadiusNT causing Doc Watson error

Barry at Mint City Internet ( bearb@email.mintcity.com )
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 09:39:49 -0400


We are in the process of installing Radius on our NT servers. HOwever I
keep getting a Doc Watson error.

Application error c0000005 at Address 77f64cfe (RtlFreeHeap)

Any suggestions.

When running Radius in a dos window I can load Radius and will get the
following ...

radius.exe: service not defined: radacct/udp
using port 1901

Are these related? We are setting up Radius for Authentication only
(using flatfile), then we will do accounting and then add database/Emerald
to the soup. Radius is authenticating with our Terminal server (Computone

Thanks in advance,

Barry Buchholz
System Administration
Mint City Internet
phone 517-224-4714