Re: Working with Visual Foxpro and RadiusNT

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 15:07:48 -0700

Marlon Reinaldo Cardoso wrote:
> SQL Statement: Select Name, RadAttributeID, Type From RadAttributes
> SQL Statement: Select ra.Name, rv.Name, rv.Value From RadValues rv, RadAttribut
> es ra Where rv.RadAttributeID = ra.RadAttributeId

You don't have the dictionary in. You need to populate the above two
tables with the data from the tables in the Access database.

> odbc_read_client_info()
> Allocating Statement...
> SQL Statement: Select Server, IPAddress, Secret From Servers
> Client:localhost : :localhost
> Client: :

This is going to cause a problem. You are using char, not varcahar,
here. There should NOT be any spaces in there. For example:


> Loading users...
> radius: attribute name Password not found
> radius: Parse error -95 for user test
> LOG: radius: Parse error -95 for user test
> 0 users loaded!

This is because your are in both mode, and RadiusNT didn't
find the attrbute name "Password" in the dictionary (thats
because no dictionary loaded in).

> I really think that's a problem, I supose that Radius doesn't use a SQL command to take the information about the attributes and its values (beside the fact that you see the commands after "Allocating Statments"), am I right??? If so Is the restriction of Visual Foxpro on a maximum of 10 characters to the index file causing this problem, please if somebody can help me on this, I will really appreciate, I didn't sleep the last two nights working on it.

See above for the problems.

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