Re: Max 4000 global user defaults

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 14:10:23 -0700

Ted Olson wrote:
> While everyone's talking about Ascend settings:
> 1. I've been looking for where to set up a global user default, so that a
> setting like "Ascend-Idle-Limit=900" can be done once rather than in each
> individual profile in the Radius users file.

If you are referring to Emerald, you can setup the AccountType defaults
in the Emerald Admin to do this. Typically you can set some defaults
on each NAS itself, but I do not know of a RADIUS generic option for

> 2. Once this is done, I *assume* that anything added to an individual user
> profile would override the global default???

RadiusNT does one or the other. In Text mode, if it doesn't find the
user, then
it uses the default. In ODBC mode if it can not find the user's
if uses the account type defaults.

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