Re: New equipment.

Kaiser ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 09:37:08 +1000


> Has anyone had any experience w/this USR product ?
We are using the 60 ports version USR Total Control
Enterprise Hub.

> Is it work the $14,400 for the 48 digital modems ?
Your $14,400 quote... Does it includes the followings:
(1) Dual-PRI Interface Card
(2) PRI NetServer Card
(3) NMC Card
(4) FAN Tray
(5) Dual Power Supply

> How well does it work w/Radius NT?
I have been using it with RadiusNT for the past 6
months without any problem... However, to support
the session timeout, idel-timeout, Octets Sent/Received,
Packets Sent/Received + some other Radius Attribs.,
Make sure your NetServer firmware is v3.3.3+++...

I used their latest Accounting/Security Server v4.3.3
(which is based on Livingston's Radius)...
Included some nice features such as query/response
but I hate the fact that it keeps pulling the CPU every
0.5 Sec. to keep itself up to date with the database
entries (their way of implementing Dynamic what-so-ever)
and hence you need a dedicated computer for it
(CPU Utilization always 100%). Database link is
ODBC to Access. Need to do some scripting as well
as replacing your existing ODBC32's DLL due to a
crashing bug (you can download it from Microsoft site).

> Thanks for your help.