Concurrency problem
Tue, 15 Apr 1997 10:55:14 +0000


I am having a problem with the concurrency control,
the ascend allows each user only once, altough the loginlimit field
is 2 , I tried setting it to 3 but the problem persist.

Ascend 4000 OS 4.6
Radius NT 1.16.60
Windows NT 3.51
SQL 6.5
ODBC mode
Not running as a service,
Parameters: radius -R65 -x1 -A -b

The callsonline table works well, I defined one test user in ODBC
The Ascend-Disconnect-Cause = 110 (security error)

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Javier Contreras Albesa
Administrador del Sistema/System Administrator
Interamerican Net de Venezuela