Re: CallsOnline

Gregory Cooper ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 11:34:54 -0600

I can run two servers, one for auth. and both for acct. I would like to put
..49 on the non auth. server. How can I get it? I will also try all
between .49 and .60 for everyone.
Greg Cooper
Interloc Computer Systems
Owner/General Manager
> From: Gary Austin <>
> To:
> Subject: CallsOnline
> Date: Sunday, April 13, 1997 4:05 PM
> Well we reverted back to .49 and all is well with the access violation we
> were getting with .60. For everybody that gets this error when turning
> manual calls update on I would suggest going back to an earlier version
> until Dale and Co. release the new code to the general public. I haven't
> tried any other version between .49 and .60 because I didn't have it to
> try. So for a temporary fix to this callsonline bug go back to .49.
> still anxiously awaiting news on the new version and cost. Thanks.