Re: RadiusNT pricing

Kate Murphy ( )
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 09:09:58 -0400

At 11:57 PM 4/12/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Kate Murphy wrote:
>> Most commercially-supported Radius servers are retailing for around 4k I
>> believe. Both Livingston and Ascend now sell their RADIUS - that would
>> leave you and as the last of the decent shareware versions.
>> Will you offer technical support? How about tieing your licensing scheme to
>> one machine (and a back-up server) and sell multiple copy discounts? Or in
>> number of user increments?
>Although not final, we are thinking about this:
>$495 for a primary and secondary server based on the SAME

Wll, that is quite reasonable :')

>Each additional server for that SAME userfile/database will be either
>$49 or

I was thinking more in line of multiple servers handling subsets of the
total user database. For eample, of there were 20,000 users - splitting
this group into separate realms and each server handles one realm (like;;...). Because they would not be the exact
same users in each database/userfile - it would be a full licenses for each
server. When aggregating 1.8 mil users - this could become quite pricy!
>Support will be offered most likely in blocks as well as some kind of up
>running policy.
That would be great - some of us may need 24 x 7 - as we're running our NOCs
24 x 7. Plus it would be great to get a response. I have posted a few
times to this list - for example this rather thorny problem I have to solve
by Monday - and never get a response. Even one response that says "don't be
riddiculous - no can do" would be appreciated.

Keep the list posted.


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