Re: Make RadiusNT NOT Respond?

Dusan Janjic ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 10:39:35 -0400

Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Robin Greenhagen wrote:
> > Dale,
> > Is there a way to make RadiusNT NOT respond to a request? We are helping
> > a client migrate from the Radius formerly known as Universal (Kinda like
> > the Artist formerly known as Prince :)). The plan is to set up the
> > RadiusNT to debug passwords, and then capture that to a text file for a
> > month or so. By that time we should have a sufficient number of
> > username/password combos to convert them to RadiusNT.
> > The RadiusNT would be the primary auth server on the NAS, and the
> > Universal one will be the secondary, so that when the primary doesnt
> > respond, it will eventually hit the secondary.
> > Perhaps a -q for "quiet mode" is in order...
> Boy thats really grasping, isn't it? :)
> Currently there isn't a way to do this. What kind of users
> file or list does the unet product use? RadiusNT 1.90.0
> can replace UNIX and WINNT passwords in the database with the
> un-encrypted password, very simliar to what you are talking
> about doing.


1. Can you post a detailed explanation how to do this. We are currently
converting from NT authentication to RADIUS. It would be wonderful if we
can get NT SAM info and import it in to the RADIUS. We just don't know
how. I have to admit we are very new with MS SQL, and don't know much
about it.

2. Is RADIUS 1.90.0 available only to registered Emerald users?

3. We have evaluation copy of Emerald 2.075, is it necessary to upgrade
to 2.18, why. If so, do I remember correctly reading somewhere through
archives, that you can upgrade-download only emerald.exe?

4. We are pretty sure we would buy Emerald, what is the procedure, and
is it possible to pay for it in 2-3 payments, we have around 800 users.
Also, what kind of documentation comes with the licensed copy. This
shouldn't be treated as a complaint, but the documentation that is
available through Emerald site and when you download files is somewhat
confusing and outdated.

Your response would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

-- Dusan JanjicRockbridge Global Village17 S. JeffersonLexington, VA