Access database

Pam Hackett ( )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 09:50:04 -0400

I have successfully used Radius NT in text mode and would like to use =
the Access database. A few questions:

-Can I use the database that came w/.60 as is (after adding users and =
servers of course) ?
-Is the RadATConfigs table where I would enter the VALUE parameter from =
the dictionary file? (So that the combination of RADATConfigs and =
RADAttribute tables is the equivalent of the dictionary file)
-At the end of my dictionary file is a Telebit specific section:

Vendor 127 "Telebit" where does this entry go and do I need the quotes

Attribute Telebit-Login-Command 1 string
Attribute Telebit-Port-Name 2 string
Attribute Telebit-Activate-Command 3 string
Attribute Telebit-Accounting-Info 4 string=09

These attribs conflict with User-Name, Password, Challenge-Response and =
NAP-IP-Address. Where do I enter them since Access won't allow =

Thanks for your help!
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