Re: RadiusNT pricing

Kate Murphy ( )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 08:50:26 -0400

At 10:05 PM 4/10/97 -0700, Dale wrote:

>Yes. We will probably have a full version available for $495.
>Something I just though about though. Some ISPs are going to
>want to have multiple copies of RadiusNT for backup and such.
>What kind of licensing would people like for RadiusNT for
>this? I doubt most people would like to pay $495 for
>each machine with runs RadiusNT. Obviously we don't want to sell
>a license that allows a ton of RadiusNT machines to run at one
>site either. Any comments?

Most commercially-supported Radius servers are retailing for around 4k I
believe. Both Livingston and Ascend now sell their RADIUS - that would
leave you and as the last of the decent shareware versions.

Will you offer technical support? How about tieing your licensing scheme to
one machine (and a back-up server) and sell multiple copy discounts? Or in
number of user increments?