Re: Accounting Records

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 01:47:51 -0700

Cameron Christian wrote:
> Dale,
> You say that the beta 1.19.0 of RadiusNT actualy prevents the loss of accounting records. Do you mean that If a call record does not get written and server ports does not get updated to reflect that the user has logged off, that Radius is able to verify that and correct for it?
> Maybe I am stretching? :-)

And it can put accounting records back together out of thin air that it
never received. Its amazing new technology! :) Sorry, couldn't resist.

Acctually, what I was referring to is a bug in 1.16.60 and 1.18.0.
1.16.60 would ACK anything that came through. So if you lost the
SQL Server connection (and 1.16.60 also wasn't reconnecting corretcly)
you would loose all accounting packets during that time.

1.18.0 handled the loss correctly, but wouldn't ACK duplicate
accounting requests. Although not a loss, it would keep a continuous
ping match from the NAS for all duplicate accounting records.

1.19.0 will properly ACK duplicates and will correctly re-attach, even
to re-booted SQL Servers.

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