RE: RadAdmin not saved?

Jeff Tuttle ( )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 13:35:27 -0500

Errr what IF RADIUS & SQL are running on the same box. What steps =
should be taken to ensure the system comes up properly after a powerfail =

Does RADIUS need to wait until SQL is fully operational? If so can we =
use a "net start blah blah" in a timed autoexec.bat ??


From: Dale E. Reed Jr. []
Sent: Monday, April 07, 1997 10:15 PM
Subject: Re: RadAdmin not saved?

Philip Thomas wrote:
> Ok, RadiusNt loads up perfectly as a service and is in a start state,
> but I am unable to authenticate. Now when I try to shut down it tells
> me that it was never started, but it appears to be started looking at
> the service applet. Now when I do a net start radiusnt and it loads I
> can now dial in and authenticate?

I am not sure about the above? It doesn't authenticate at
startup, but if you restart it, it does? This sounds like
the reboot problem when RadiusNT/SQL Server are on the same machine.=20

> By the way I just downloaded IE 4.0 preview release, if you want to
> check it out I can upload a copy to your ftp server.

I'd prefer to wait for MS to make it available for legal reasons.
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