Starting RadiusNT6.0 as service

System Administrator ( )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 08:38:43 -0500

I have downloaded the RadiusNT6.0 zip file and run setup. THe changes =
file seems to be corrupt on this (setup couldnt extract it). Anyway, I =
have got radius up and running again, installing it as a service and =
using RadAdmin to configure it. Now for the problem.

When I specify a data directory of g:\radius (which is another machine =
which also runs radius (an older version 33 I think) the service will =
fail to start, giving an error message of=20

Could not start the service on \\NEWS

Error1067: The process terminated unexpectedly

We are running Ignore case on a flat file

Note that this registry configuration will work if it is manually =
started by typing
radius -x -I from the radius directory. When I do start it from the =
command prompt I get

0 mode: 0
1 AcctDirectory: g:\radius\acct
2 Debug: 11
3 IgnoreCase:1
4 EncryptPasswords:0
5 ReqAcctAuth: 0
6 Options: 0
7 ODBCDataSource: Radius
8 DataDirectory: g:\radius
9 usersfile: users
10 UserName:
11 Password:

Param: Debug Level:1
Param: Compare Sensitivity
Initialzing Winsock
Loading Users
4544 users loaded

Any thoughts out there as to what may be preventing this? I really =
would like to read from a single user file for both authenticators (ease =
of maintenance)