Re: Auth & Computone

Gregory Cooper ( (no email) )
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 02:11:34 -0600

I have a Computone Power Rack with Radius NT 60-- this is what happened
with I used the default setup in radius. I would dial in, it would go
through the loggin process then disconnect the modem attached to the RAS.
This is because the RAS wants more information to log on the user. You
need to send the following information to the RAS
User-Service = Framed-User
Framed-Protocol = PPP
Framed-Routing = Broadcast-Listen
I found this is the minimum needed to make it work. You can then make it
more complicated later and setup mail-only customers by using a tcp/ip
There should be a user in the example file of steve with the password of
testing -- this one works if you remove or change the expiration, remove
framed-address and netmask, and remove framed-filter. I am not sure what
the framed-compression does to the RAS, mine seems to ignore the statement
no matter what the setting, even one that is totally wrong - like
framed-compression = bobo. But I haven't installed 1.5.1g yet, so things
may change then.

You can email me direct if this doesn't work and we can try other stuff.
My current system is using radius in odbc mode. Authentication and
accounting are working and it is setup as a service. Can't get CallsOnline
to work yet though, I'm still pounding away at that one. There is a
solution, I just hope I find it before my death. (HA, just a joke).

>From: SysOp/Webmaster <>
>Subject: Auth & Computone
>Having a problem?
>Just setup my Computone Power Rack, all info in the Rack seems ok, when
>I dial in with a test user in the emerald database, it looks, but does
>not log the user in to the system? Running RadiusNt .60, Emerald 2.1.3
>Emerald Admin 2.1.0.
>How should Emeralds Radius configuration be set to for this NAS?
>Running Radius.exe -o -x15, starts ok, answers the requests, but no
>I'm totaly lost here! :0
Greg Cooper
Interloc Computer Systems
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