Re: Auth & Computone

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 12:31:10 -0400

At 12:16 PM 4/9/97 -0400, you wrote:

>Just setup my Computone Power Rack, all info in the Rack seems ok, when
>I dial in with a test user in the emerald database, it looks, but does
>not log the user in to the system? Running RadiusNt .60, Emerald 2.1.3
>Emerald Admin 2.1.0.
>How should Emeralds Radius configuration be set to for this NAS?
>Running Radius.exe -o -x15, starts ok, answers the requests, but no

What DOES happen? If you dial with a standard terminal program, what do
you see after answering the password prompt?

Do you have a separate remote profile *with* IP number assigned to each
port on the PowerRack? It sounds like something in the config of the
PowerRack is preventing the login.

>I'm totaly lost here! :0
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