How to stop "radius -o -x15" running from the command prompt?

Kaiser ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Apr 1997 15:51:47 +1000


I'm still confronted by Dr. Watson's "Access-Violation" exception
error when running RadiusNT .60 in text-file mode under the
command prompt. I'm now experimenting with its ODBC mode and
RadiusNT able to authenticate users correctly without any problem
(in the same console too).

Can someone please help me on how to get rid of Dr. Watson's
interference while RadiusNt is in text mode...

Also when executing RadiusNT in command prompt using ODBC
mode (-o -x15 option), how do I stop the execution without
terminating the entire process (shell + program)? I am looking
for a CTRL-C equivalent so I don't always have to restart the
command shell everytime while I'm still experimenting with the
various available RadiusNT options.