Cisco and Radius NT

Mark J. Levanduski ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 21:26:37 -0500

Hi Ya'll,

A few months ago, I began installing radiusNT/Emerald
onto a CiscoPro #2511. From the getgo, authentication worked
fine. The accounting, and all the nice features that emerald
provides were only noticed via this listserver. But yesterday,
was a new dawn.... After struggling with our distributor's
tech-support and ultimately cisco, we ARE now pumping
on all 8 cylinders.

This note is for all the other 2511'ers out there. We
made the mistake of buying a "ciscoPro", instead of an
"enterprise" model 2511. Yesterday, Cisco shipped us a "blacken-box",
enterprise 2511 with IOS 11.2, and life is now...good...
If anyone remembers, we were getting "double-framed addresses",
being recorded into our "detail: file. MSSQL took one look at that,
and bailed.... SO if anyone sees this type of problem, and needs
some help with it, would be glad to assist if I can....

Thanks goes out to Dale, Peter, Scott and the rest who helped us
during this long and frustrating time.... Hopefully now, I can post
more of the less-nuerotic questions like, "Can't get my CC batch to

Thanks again,


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