Re: Help! Not authenticating

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 16:18:45 -0800

Ted Olson wrote:
> We've been running for the last hour or so using -x15 -A ... and all is
> working again. It looks like the users file is not being re-read into memory
> after each addition of a new user account (or change). So, the current
> workaround is to 1) add a new user, then 2) close and restart radius with
> the switches above.

RadiusNT does NOT dynamically re-read the users file. It only does it on

> So, the heat appears to be off and connections are now OK. BUT, it seems to
> now be *required* that we run radius from a command prompt. If I end that
> process and close the window, we stop authenticating -- even though radius
> is still running as a service (viewed through control panel/services).

Whoaa. The service is NOT running while you have foreground. It Can't.
Only ONE copy of RadiusNT can run on a single machine for port 1645.
Do a "net start RadiusNT" and it should start the service.

> Now I'm curious about what is the recommended procedure for starting and
> running Radius, and what may have changed? Prior to our recent update to .60
> -- like, for the last year or so -- Radius has started with NT as an
> automatic service. We've never needed to run it before from a command
> prompt. Does something like "net start radius -x15 -A" set those switches in
> the registry, so that they load with radius automatically?

No. Use the RadiusNT administrator to set the registry settings
so the service will ruse them when it starts.

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