Obj: Portmaster not using Radius

Nicolas SPORN ( nsporn@i2m.fr )
Wed, 02 Apr 97 16:17:35 GMT

I think this should be -x15 as described in the "right and short" install.txt
I'd read in .49 or .52
You should see all the users coming up the screen (radius loading them in
memory) and the radius should wait for incoming auth.

In another window, use radlogin to simulate a users log ; the first screen
should move ; you will see the username, password...

If no, there might be a mess !

Reread carefully the lines written by Dale, they work fine if read slowly
(worked on my site)

Just in case, do you have setted up the secret password between PM and Radius ?

> I'm not able to get a basic install working with a text file.
> I'm using:
> The 1.16 RadiusNT
> NT 4.0 with the latest service pack.
> Running in a DOS window
> Text mode
> I can only get RadiusNT to start in -x debug mode. If I try to start it
> with any other command line options or with no options it sits there for
> a few seconds then returns to a DOS prompt.
> When it is running I can see the Portmaster talking to it and I can see
> ACK's on the debug screen, but nobody can authenticate. The Portmaster
> doesn't seem to see the RadiusNY replys.
> Does anybody have any idea why such a basic install is not working?
> Thanks,
> Reid
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