RadiusNT attribute

Agus Surachman ( aguss@satelindo.co.id )
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 11:39:56 +0700

We use Shiva LanRover E/Plus and Ascend MAX 200 instead Portmaster as a client of RadiusNT 1.16.


1. We tried to restrict users accessing forbidden NAS by typed in users file:

User Password = "password"
NAS-IP-Address = <Our NAS ipadress>

# we hope users being authenticate only by that NAS-IP-Address (users should dial allowed right number)


but Radius didn't know that attribute. (We downloaded shareware from ftp.emerald.iea.com).

2. Expiration attribute didn't work.

Ascend MAX 200 :

1. Authentication by Radius failed.

user dial ------>MAX checking user name and password to its local profile, if not found MAX send it to RADIUS---> RADIUS checking to its users file ------>accepted or rejected---->MAX session

Only users in Local Profile could be accept. Users in RADIUS users file rejected.

2. Accounting session succeed

We need your advice.


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