Re: Computone and Calls Table

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 01 Apr 1997 16:11:37 -0500

At 03:48 PM 4/1/97 -0500, you wrote:

>We have tried it with a variety of Options settings but can not get the
>calls table in the database to update. Upon review of the table during
>certain time periods (one month ago and when we launched it from the
>command prompt) it was working (possibly an ideal group of options was
>checked) but no longer works.

It is likely that you are getting duplicate ID's in the calls table because
you have not set up a time server on your RADIUS host.

To confirm this, run RADIUS from a Command Prompt in NT, with -A -x15 on
the command line, and see if you get SQL errors about violating primary key
constraint in pk_Calls. If so... BINGO.

Locate a UDP Time Server and install it on the RADIUS server. Uni-Time 2.1
is the one that was recommended to us, and it works well. This will add
an additional field to the left of your Account-Session-ID's to make them
unique, and thus avoiding this problem.

You may need to manually clear the calls table after you get the longer
A-S-ID's working. Ask back at that time, and we'll get you going there.

Beware: Adding the time server can make the calls table field for the
Account Session ID too short to hold the complete number. You may need to
drop the calls table via SQL manager, and edit UPDTTABS.SQL to allow the
Account Session ID field to be 20 characters long. Then run UPDTTABS.SQL
again, and then run INSTTABS.SQL and INSTTRIG.SQL to update the triggers
for the longer table size.

This will also clear your calls table, and solve the former problem.