Re: RadiusNT install

Jeffery Warren ( (no email) )
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 10:57:50 -0600

Just do a "net start" from the command line and look for RadiusNT in the
list. If it's there, it's running. Also, to double check, try loggin into
your TCH using a user name that exists in your Radius database, but not the
hub's user list. Also try to log in with someone not in either place (you
should be denied) as the USR has a setting to allow logins if the
validation server cannot be found.

> From: Randy Fischer <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: RadiusNT install
> Date: Monday, March 31, 1997 9:44 AM
> I installed radius on my d:\radius drive. My c: is a dos partition, so
> everything associated with nt I want on d:. radius.exe -install
> about not having the complete path. So after trying sever iterations of
> 'radius d:\radius\radius.exe -install' It seemed to not complain and
> created the registry entries. However, I don't think that is all. I
> tell if it is running, I don't know what has to be done to update the
> user's file. I am still using the text users file. I assume that I must
> stop and start the 'service' to reload the data base, or something. I am
> using NT 4.0 service pack 2. Do I need to find and use the rumored
> program I have noticed in the past? A few quick pointers would be very
> useful?
> I did go back and try again with my USR total control. It is working
> fine with radius. I am not sure exactly what was going on that made me
> think it wasn't at first, but once I was sure that it was suppose to
> I tried again and it DID!
> Randy
> > You do need to manually do the "radius.exe -install" to install
> > it as a service, though.
> >
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