Configuration of users file

Andrew Bilski ( )
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 00:56:08 -0500

My problem is that I am trying to understand Radius 2.0 see how close to
it is the Radius NT and if Radius NT can do what I need to have done.

Any help would be appreciated.

1) Does Radius NT 60 provide the enhanced functionality of Radius 2.0?
Mainly does it do timeouts, NAS port and multiple DEFAULTs?

2) Can I have certain user accessing all port (ie including those with
56K modems) and others only selected ports? How would that done?
What happens if there are 2 entries in the user file with the same name
but different NASport check item?

tom password = "123",NAS-port = 22
session-timeout = 7200
tom password = "123"

If tom calls on port 19, will the search end on the first entry for tom
and access be disallowed for not being on port 22 or will the search
continue and access be allowed based on the second entry which does not
have the NASport requirement?

Can I use

DEFAULT Auth-Type = Local, NAS-port = 22
Session-Timeout = 1

.... hoping that it, with association with my dual entry for the same
caller tom above, would result in inactivity timeout of 1 second for all
those callers who do not have special record for calling on port 22 and
are calling on that port; meanwhile all those who do have such secondary
record for calling on port 22 would have their timeout set in that

Still with me or am I not making any sense? Am I missing the boat, the

The Radius manual gives only examples for the usage of DEFAULT with
association of prefix an suffix. Can I use DEFAULT to shorten my file
and shorten the editing time by placing all defaults at the bottom and
creating just one line per usr (with their name, pasword and epiration)
Or is it how it is being done and I am basically asking if the circrle
is round? :)

Thank you for any and all answers.


If you know thorough answers to all those questions but have no time to
answer them here then please call me at 703.648.0808 with your hourly
consulting rate and I just might pay it.