Radius Help...

Rafiq Patel ( rpatel@kwik.net )
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:45:02 -0800

Hi you all:

We are experiencing a bizarre problem with our MAX 4004/Radius NT =
configuration. Here is the problem:

A user dials in and gets a modem. The two modems will negotiate and =
then the connection drops. At the user end, Win95 dialup adapter =
display an error messages saying that the password has been incorrect =
and retry. Sometimes, it would just say you've been disconnected from =
the remote system.

The status window on the MAX 4004 logs an error as LAN security error. =
Now, I'm 100% sure that the password being entered is correct. This =
happens not just for one or two customers but many many customers. =
People eventually get in after a few tries.

I'm running RadiusNT 60(1). The MAX is running 4.6Cp15. RadiusNT is =
NOT using ODBC. It's running in "0" mode. I've also checked all the =
debug options through the Radadmn and double checked the registry - =
which has value of 15 for debug. I'm NOT seeing any logfile from =
RadiusNT though. Does RadiusNT log anything? I am getting accounting =
from radius but accounting does not include the bad calls.

Please help as this is getting very urgent!!!

Oh, one more piece of info. The MAX syslog also display LAN security =
error for the failed calls!

Thanks very much in advance,
Rafiq Patel
Radiant Communications