Access ODBC fields

Greg Watkins ( )
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 08:54:00 +0000

I have Radius working with Acess but I need some help with soem of
the Acess fields. Is there documentation somewhere that describes
what each of the fields are and what values are allowed. Most of the
fields are self explanatory, but some are vague to me. These

1. The ma and saEXPIRE fields. I know these are for specific
expiration dates, but what can I enter her for no expiration?

2. What is the "extension" field for?

3. In the sub accounts table, is there a field I can use or add so
that I may assign a static IP address to a specific login?

I also have the need to setup some "e-mail only" type accounts. If I
choose this type of account what does that actually do? Does radius
somehow only allow them access to a pop 3 mail server, or what?

Also if anyone has any example queries for Acess 7.0 that would help
me set up some reports, etc... They would be appreciated.