Re: Actually NT NEWS Server

Jeff Woods ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 15:44:15 -0500

At 03:32 PM 3/18/97 -0500, you wrote:

>I run commercial nns also. Although Netmanage support leaves a little to be
>desired, the product is basically set and forget. Just keep an eye on the
>disk space.
>I run about 11k+ news groups from sprint on a single 9gb ultra scsi wide
>and it works great.

Aiieeee! Single drives for news are NOT recommended. If your NNS is
properly configured, go into performance manager, and see how disk bound
you are. You're probably losing lots of articles for inability to keep up.
You need to be inserting about 3-5 articles a second for that many groups.

We have 10 2.9 GB SCSI drives in a RAID-5 mirror.... 2 RAID arrays of 5
drives each, spanned. We could lose two drives (but not more than one from
each 5-drive chain) and still be operable. And with ten spindles to share
the data accesses, over two SCSI channels, it smokes.

Single drive news solutions are horribly inefficient. Even if you only use
striping in NT Server instead of hardware RAID, you should get more than
one drive handling that data. Use RAID-5, which is better for lots of
small files, whereas RAID-3 is better for large files and throughput.