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Tommy Cheng ( )
Tue, 18 Mar 1997 01:40:35 -0800

> 1. you must call from an "unblocked number," ie. one that is not blocked
> from caller id. We are very sorry for this requirement, but our fax
> software requires this before it allows an incoming fax call to connect.

That's cool. I must call from an unblocked phone number and this guy is
spamming from unknown mail address. Probably generated somewhere from
UUNet and use Cloud9 as mail forwarding relay. The people from cloud9
is using BSDI 2.1 with sendmail 8.8.5 patch. Probably they are using
their own rule set and didn't use anti-relay stuff on 8.8.5.

> If you have a blocked number, you must first unblock it. In most cases
> this means dialing *82 from a touch-tone phone (or 1182 from a rotary
> phone) before you dial 1-718-227-9125. NOTE: If you are not sure

Too bad the spammers don't have 800 number.

> Tempting Tear-Outs.
> For more info on advertising rates, please write us on your company
> letterhead, w/business card, via smail to: Tempting Tear-Outs, 3835
> Richmond Ave. Suite #200, Staten Island NY 10312-3828, USA.

Sucks. Only if I lived in NY.