Re: Accounting Information

Nolan W. Bailey, Jr. ( )
Mon, 17 Mar 1997 16:05:25 -0600

We're having a similiar problem... we have a remote POP that authenticates
fine... but, no accounting information is being logged.

We're running RadiusNT as a service, also...

At 04:59 PM 3/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a Computone IntelliServer set up with USR modems running to the
>ports. Everything authenticates fine off of the ODBC database, however,
>accounting information is not updated in the table. During the trials of
>our system we were running RadiusNT as a stand alone application,
>accounting was working then. However, when we went online and set it up as
>a service, all the accounting information stopped. Is there a special
>registry command or startup command that I need to use accounting. When it
>was running stand alone, the only commands issued were -o and -x15. Anyone
>that knows about this, or has experienced this, please let me know. We are
>also unable to make the CallsOnline table work. I heard that there is a
>special configuaration needs to be entered into the Server Ports table. If
>anyone knows about the accounting or the CallsOnline table, please let me
>Thank You,
>-Matthew Wagner
>-Coleman Technologies, Inc.
>-Orlando, FL
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