RadiusNT Admin config options

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 Mar 1997 17:24:24 -0500

I just have a few simple questions regarding the RadiusNT Admin (.60)
configuration options:

Configuration tab
1. Is the "Encrypt Passwords" an active element/option or is
that for a future release? If it's current, how is it
implemented or what are the limitations? Is it NAS-type
2. How do the various "Debug" options work? Where does the
debug info go if/when certain options are selected?
3. Options
a. how do Concurrency Control and Variable Login Limits
work with eachother? Do both need to be selected if
some accounts are "allowed" to log in more than once
at the same time? With concurrency, do any
modifications need to be made with the SQL database?
If so, what tables (if any) are affected?
b. What's the purpose of Manual Calls Update?
c. What's the purpose of Time Banking? As an example,
is this for accounts that are charged ($10) for the
first (15) hours and ($2) for each additional hour?
d. What's the purpose of Manual Service Update?
4. DSN: I currently have this set as "Emerald". Is the
"Radius" DSN even used anymore?

Directories and Files
1. Not that I have a use/need for UNC directory paths, but
can these paths be UNC or no?
2. BUG: The data directory (if not c:\radius) is not read
by RadiusNT in the event that RadLogin is used. The
Dictionary file needs to be in the c:\radius directory
as well as the path specified in Radius Admin (if
different). Leaving it out of one or the other will
cause RadiusNT (from the prompt) to not start, OR radlogin
will display an error stating that something wasn't found
in the dictionary.

Is there an existing account I should be using here or should I create a
new one with very specific rights? What rights/permissions does this user
need? Do any particular directories need to give this user
rights/permissions of any kind? Right now, I'm using the administrative
account/password here, but am not real thrilled with it. If I ever run
Radius in debug mode, it shows the username and password right on the
screen. This is the same account/password that's used in Control Panel /
Services / RadiusNT / Startup.

Back when RadiusNT ran as a service through SRVANY, it could log on as a
system account, without specifying any account info. How come it now needs
a username/password to run as a service?

Thanks for any info,

Josh Hillman