Cisco Usage Reporting.

Nolan W. Bailey, Jr. ( )
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 13:39:48 -0500

We have a Cisco 2511 deployed in a remote location. Attached to this Cisco
2511 are (2) U.S. Robotics MP-8s.

This remote POP is connected to our main site via a frame relay network
Also, the IPs are subnetted for the remote site.

The remote site (Cisco 2511/USR MP-8) is authenticating correctly with our
RadiusNT server (located at our main site) without any problems.

Authentication is working great... but, no usage is being recording for
that site.

We've doubled checked the router statements... everything is setup as
recommended by Cisco.

Any ideas why usage is not being shown in our reports for that site?

Is it because it is on a frame relay circuit or because it's subnetted?

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Thanks in advance,