backup radius server

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 11:24:18 -0500

I'm running RadiusNT .60 as a service (ODBC only) on the primary machine
(where the SQL database resides) and authentication works just fine.

On the secondary machine, I have RadiusNT .60 and am trying to run it from
the CMD prompt, "radius -x -A".
RadiusNT Admin settings:
Auth port = 1645
Accounting: Require secret
Port: 1646
Mode: Text Files
Data: c:\radius\data
Accounting: c:\radius\acct
Users file: users

Radlogin on the backup machine works fine, so long as the "dictionary file
is in the "c:\radius" AND "c:\radius\data" directories.

The problem is when I dialup through our Ascend Max 4004, I'm not
authenticated because it seems that the Max isn't even looking at the
backup server. The Max responds (on the console), "LAN securty error
That user is not in the database--it only resides in the text file on the
backup machine. The same "secret" is used on both servers as well as the

Here's what the Max 4004 (5.0A) has set:

Auth Host #1=(IP addr for primary machine)
Auth Host #2=(IP addr for secondary machine)
Auth Host #3=(IP addr for primary machine)
Auth Port=1645
Auth Src Port=0
Auth Timeout=5
Auth Key=*SECURE*
Auth Pool=Yes
Auth TS Secure=Yes
Auth Send Attr. 6,7=Yes
Local Profiles First=Yes
Auth Req=Yes
CLID Timeout Busy=No
CLID Fail Busy=No
APP Server=No
APP Host=N/A
APP Port=N/A
SecurID DES encryption=N/A
SecurID host retries=N/A
SecurID NodeSecret=N/A
Sess Timer=N/A

Acct Host #1=(IP addr for primary machine)
Acct Host #2=(IP addr for secondary machine)
Acct Host #3=(IP addr for primary machine)
Acct Port=1646
Acct Src Port=0
Acct Timeout=5
Acct Key=*SECURE*
Sess Timer=0
Acct-ID Base=10

What am I missing?

Are loginnames in the text files still limited to 8 or less characters?


Josh Hillman