Re: Dr. Watson errors: HELP!!!

Tommy Cheng ( )
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 19:39:33 -0800

Make sure you blank out accounting and secret in PowerRack. Also drop -A
in RadiusNT. If you enable accounting and password in PowerRack, make
sure you add -A after RadiusNT.

William C. Baker wrote:
> Thanks, Mike. I had left the accounting password blank until this morning,
> and then my accounting started working. ( Had this problem since playing
> around with running as a service. ) I took it out moments before your
> message arrived, expecting to be disabling acct. again, but it seems to be
> working fine ( still acct. with no pw in rack. ) Very nice. :) I am still
> puzzled by the multiple entries made in the detail file when a user is
> logging in or out. The rac151f kernel was supposed to fix problems with
> the rack/radiusnt interface. Yet I still see possible signs of this.
> Also, I hadn't enabled the 'Require Secret' check box on the RadAdmin since
> entering a secret into the rack. Thanks for your help, you saved more than
> one handfull of hair.