Unable to Install RadiusNT

SysAdmin ( sysadmin@bitterroot.net )
Thu, 6 Mar 1997 15:02:53 -0700

I seem to be running into alot of problems installing
RadiusNT. I have set up the files as follows:




When running the start up < -x15 > from the command line I
get the following :

0> EncrypPasswords: 0
1> IgnoreCase: 0
2> ReqAcctAuth:0
3> Mode: 0
4> Options: 16
5> Debug: 1
6> ODBCDatasource: Radius
7> DataDirectory: C:\radius\clients
8> AcctDirectory: C:\radius\acct
9> UsersFile: users
10> UserName:

Param: Debug Level: 15
Initializing Winsock.......
Couldn't open dictionary: c:\radius\clients/dictionary

I have the "users" file and the "clients.example" file
set up as indicated in the documentation, without luck.

Been beating my head on this for 2 weeks and have to get
some results soon as my customer base is to large for the
Portmasters to handle the authentication.

If any of you could slip me some information with regard
to resolving my woes, I would appreciate it very much indeed.

Radius is set up on NT 4.0 Service pk(1)
I would also like to set up so I can use the MS Access 7
database. But I can't even get by the tests.

Any further information which you may need, please ask!

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Best Regards
GS Foster

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